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[Closed] Your First Day on Rust

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So you've just purchased Rust and wanted to see what all the fuss is about?
Well I'm going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to handle your first day in Rust.

Rust is a survival game, set on a post-apocalpytic island. Not only will you need to defend yourself against animals, scientists & players, you will also need to manage your hunger & thirst at the same time. Expect to die, a lot.

So what does all this mean? Well, let's break it down.

By pressing TAB you will open your inventory. On the left you can see your player model along with any clothing/armor you may have equipped. To equip attire, just drag and drop the item from your inventory into one of the seven squares.

Crafting & Gathering Resources
Upon connecting to a server for the first time, you will wake up on the beach with a rock & a torch. You'll want to get away from the beach as soon as possible. Go and find the nearest tree, with cover away from prying eyes and begin hitting it with your Rock, this is how you are able to harvest wood, don't throw it away! Once you start hitting the tree, a red cross will appear. Keep hitting it to gain a collection bonus. Once finished, move on to cutting down more trees.

Once you have gathered about 400 wood, you're ready to look for stone. Nodes spawn all around the island, but are more common in the Desert & Snow biomes. This is important to know for later on. They appear grey in color and have a small sparkle at the side of them. You will want to keep hitting this sparkle to gain a collection bonus. It works very much the same as the tree bonus. Once you have gathered around 200 stone, you can make some Stone Tools which will increase your harvest rate and efficiency.
Open the crafting menu with Q, search "Stone" and craft a Stone Hatchet & Stone Pickaxe. Once crafted, you will want to gather some more wood & stone. If you come across any hemp along the way, collect it. You will need 30 to make a sleeping bag.

Base Building
Now that you have a plenty of wood, open up inventory and craft a Building Plan and a Hammer. Pull out the blue roll of paper and hold right click, this will open a UI in which you can select what construction you want. This is how you will build all of your future bases. Select Foundation and place it down somewhere you like. For our base, we are using 2 square foundations and 1 triangle. Once placed, hold right click again and select walls, floor and doorway. The entire base is Twig, this is a very weak material and needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. It's main reason is as a building guide. Pull out your hammer you built earlier and right click with it when looking at one of your building blocks. Select to upgrade to Wood or Stone. Common practice is to upgrade your foundations to stone first, but don't use all your resources!

The whole process should look something like the images below.

Now to secure your base. Go into your crafting menu again and craft a wooden door and a keylock. Place it on your door, and hold E whilst looking at the lock. You have will have multiple options, one of which is to create a key, that costs 50 wood. This is useful if playing with friends. Your lock will turn from green to red to indicate that it is locked.
Next is your Tool Cupboard (TC). This is the most important component of the entire base. It not only serves as the way to grant building privilege to those inside the base, blocking anybody outside the base, but also to keep the base from decaying. When you have the TC open, you can see the cost per 24 hours. You will want to keep this stocked up, otherwise you may login with nothing!

Lastly, build yourself a couple boxes & a campfire. If you have that 30 cloth from earlier, craft yourself a sleeping bag and place it down.

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