If you are caught breaking our rules you will be removed from our server.

  • Do not kill fresh spawns (Unless you are raiding/at a mission).
  • Do not wall off or restrict access a Monument (Including Quarries) unless you have direct permission from an Admin.
  • When raiding, do not block off bases & despawn loot. Take what you want and leave.
  • Do not be toxic. This includes no racism or sadistic comments. This is a mature community, we don’t need childish insults.
  • Never share personal information about other players, including in-game.
  • Do not publicly accuse players of abuse, hacks etc. If you are concerned, contact an @Admin on Discord.
  • Maximum of 5 members per clan, 5 people per raid.
  • Admin’s say is final.
  • Be polite & respectful to other players.
  • No metagaming, this means no using information learnt from voice/text chat as a tool to benefit you in game.

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